C. & M. Traduzioni was founded in Milan in 2007. Since then the company has been working for national and international companies providing the highest quality standards in all language combinations.

All projects from English and French into Italian are managed directly in-house. Other language combinations are outsourced to skilled native language professionals.

Our priorities are attention to detail and client satisfaction. We specialize in several fields of expertise.

Managing projects in-house allows us to control all the steps of the translation process more effectively. The diversified work experiences and backgrounds of our partners can meet the language needs of a great variety of clients. A proven process together with special attention to terminology are essential requirements for obtaining a consistent and high quality product.

Another important aspect of our process is our ability to work with a client to customize our services in order to meet their specific needs.

Marketing is one of our fields of expertise. Translation of marketing content must be handled by professional translators whose skills should be matched with an in-depth understanding of the text, the message it conveys and the audience for which it is intended. It is therefore necessary to create an attractive and pleasant message. We translate marketing materials for luxury goods and high-end products requiring an elaborate and rich style in order to convey the beauty and all the features of the product in the description.

We can also offer editing and proofreading services, copywriting, certified translations, localization, language courses for companies, interpreting and other customized language services upon request.